Dry Eyes Syndrome – Symptoms and Causes

Dry eyes, also known as Dry eye syndrome is a medical condition, caused by insufficient lubrication to and moisture in the eye surface.  This usually leads to recurrent eye irritation, inflammation and sometimes visible scars below the eye. Some of the symptoms of dry eyes include;

  • Red eye
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurry vision
  • Mucus around the eye
  • Burning feeling in the eye


Dry eyes can be caused by many factors, which may be;

  • Medical
  • Environmental
  • Aging
  • Allergies and
  • Contacts

Dry eyes are usually caused by inadequate tears from the tear glands. This “tears” help to protect the eye from infections and keep the surface of the eye smooth and clear. We aid dry eyes in a number of ways with our activities. Sitting long hours in front of the TV or computer, and spending much time on reading can cause dry eye. You need to take breaks at intervals while engaging in these activities, this helps the eye to recover some moisture.

Medical conditions that may lead to dry eyes include;

These medical conditions can result in inadequate tear production from the tears gland and lead to dry eyes.

Dry eye can be prevented in a number of ways. Be sure to avoid smoke getting into your eyes, don’t go out when it’s windy to avoid tiny particles getting to your eyes. It is also important to use appropriate and protective eyewear to protect eyes when riding a free top machine (bicycles, skiing, motorcycle, and convertibles).

Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

1. Warm Compress

One of the best, comfortable and effective ways to cure dry eyes is to use a warm compress. A warm compress is basically a lint-free cloth, soaked in a hot water (not more than 150 degrees Fahrenheit) and the water squeezed out. The squeezed lint cloth should be placed on the eye for about ten minutes with eyes closed. You can dip the cloth in hot water again if it gets cold before the time elapses. After this, rinse the eye with a mildly warm water. You can do this at least two times in a day. This can help to cure the pain associated with dry eye and also provide succor from painful symptoms.

To make this home remedy more effective, add a few drops of Lavender or Chamomile oil in the hot water. Then dip the clean lint-cloth in it and squeeze, then place on the eyelid. You can do this thrice daily or anytime you feel the symptoms.

2. Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the most effective remedies that can be used to cure dry eyes. This oil can be found in most homes and can help to relieve pains from dry eyes. Castor oil contains Ricinoleic acid which can help to relieve the itching, and pains associated with dry eyes. It has been found that, Castor oil is also an effective and safe treatment for Meibomian gland dysfunction, one of the main causes of dry eyes. This oil when applied to the eyes, aid lipid distribution, and increase tear stability. It also prevent loss of tear. You can make your own castor oil home remedy by;

  • Buying a pure organic castor oil
  • Pour it in an eye dropper bottle and
  • Release a droplet in each eye twice daily

3. Eyelid Washing

This is another simple and effective home remedy for treating dry eye, and easing the pain that comes with it. People with dry eyes constantly rub their eyes vigorously, this is dangerous and can lead to inflammation. This can be avoided by washing the eyelid anytime you start to feel this pain or itch. You can wash your eyelid by applying baby shampoo on your eyelids. This can be done by dipping your clean fingertip into the shampoo and gently rub shampoo on your eyelid. After application, make sure you rinse the soap from your eyes using mildly warm water.

4. 100% Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been found useful for many purposes. Luckily, it is also useful in curing dry eyes. This magical oil contains fatty acid and lauric acid. These acids can make act as a moisturizing agent and help to relieve pain from dry eyes. In addition fatty and lauric acid have been found good for the skin and hair. They help to make the skin glow and make your hair more rich and strong.

This oil can be applied by pouring it into an eyedropper bottle and releasing a few droplets into the affected eye(s). Make sure your eye suck in the oil for maximum effect.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the manifestation of a magical plant, with a vast number of uses. Aloe Vera can cure almost any skin disease or irritation. The plant is not useless when it comes to dry eyes too. This plant contains compounds which can act as an anti-inflammatory agent and also heal. These compounds include ethanol and ethyl acetate. All you have to do is take a little Aloe Vera gel and apply or rub it gently on your eye. You can apply the gel twice in a day, just avoid it getting into your eyes to avoid pain or irritation. These home remedy can help to treat dry eyes and its symptoms in a flash.

6. Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil just like most oils mentioned above is another strong and effective remedy for dry eyes. Olive oil also contains fatty acids which makes it a lubricant. These acids can help in recovering the moisture lost in your eyes. The oleic and linoleic acids found in olive oil can help soothe irritation and inflammation in the eyes.

Other home materials that can be used include;

  • Fish oil
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Lemon juice and
  • Honey


Dry eyes can sometimes become devastating conditions which occur due to lack of moisture in the eyes. This condition can lead to great discomfort if not quickly treated. Luckily you don’t have to spend much treating this condition. There are a few home materials that can be used to treat this menace. Generally, most oils that contain fatty acids have been found effective in treating dry eyes. These oils help to lubricate the eyes, easing the pain and replenishing lost moisture that led to dry eyes.